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Agency: Burrell
Role: Art & Creative Direction, Visual Design, and Brand Development

As the Brand Agency Leader (BAL) for My Black is Beautiful, my task was to provide creative direction and consulting for the re-design of the MBIB website. www.myblackisbeautiful.com

Agencies: Burrell, Possible and SMG
Role: Art  & Creative Direction, Web Design, and Brand Development

Web Banner & Page Takeover
The web banner continued the classic hip hop theme by having the rhythm of the music in the background form the Big Mac and Mac Snack Wrap from within the pulsating bands of an equalizer.

Big Mac Beats! Music Maker App
A music app was also created that celebrated the Big Mac and its iconic status, The Big Mac Beats! Music Maker. With this program, a mobile phone or tablet is quickly turned into a hand-held remixing machine. Users can drag and drop the song snippets and samples provided and create their own custom remixes of classic songs like Flava in Ya Ear by playing with different filters, delays, reverbs and other effects.

Each one of the unique ingredients of the Big Mac is represented [on the side menu] as you build tracks for your composition. For example, there’s Sesame Bass and Beefy Beats for your drum kits and basslines, Leafy Loops for adding audio samples, and Pickled Piano for making melodies with different synths. 

And the digital display of the waveforms of each track section is color coded so that the final composition actually turns into the unmistakable shape of the Big Mac.

Agency: Burrell
Role: Art Direction & Design

REDD’S Wicked Apple has pitted the world’s top promoters against each other to see who can throw the most wicked party. It’s Afropunk in Atlanta versus Legendary Damon and Alaska Gedeon in NYC.

Agency: Walton Isaacson
Role: Art Direction and Design

Black Atlas Twitter redesign and Black History print ad for 2013.

Agency: Burrell
Role: Art Direction and Visual Design


The Uprising is a series of action-packed music videos. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate Facebook data into the narrative experience, making the viewer play a part in the video. The Facebook connect music videos highlight relationships, music and memories by accessing the user’s information on Facebook. The app pulls in mutually tagged photos of the user and his/her chosen friends, check-in locations and status updates; incorporating the user’s relationship into the music video.

Agency: Burrell
Role: Art Direction & Visual Design