"Being in advertising research, it’s almost a given that there’s tension between creative and research, but I’ve never
had that challenge with Derrick.

In research, we’re required to measure a lot of things that many creatives believe chip away at their “masterpiece” —
but Derrick balances it, and actually values research, which makes for a very collaborative working environment.
His ability to creatively bring our objectives to life through his creative for Altima and Maxima highlight his balancing
both the creative and logical sides of his brain. And although the ads were created for the multicultural space,
they were also used in General Market, testing well in copy and in-market. He’s a pleasure to work with, and I’ve always
been excited to see the creative that he develops" 

Charise Shields
Sr. Planner – Nissan and Infiniti Advertising Research at Nissan Motor Corporation

"Derrick is one of the best creatives with whom I have had to pleasure to work. He values strategy and insights
as much as he likes a good line or en epic scene.

While we worked together at Fluent360, his work on TV spots for the all-new Nissan Maxima and 2015 Altima
was particularly valuable. The work targeted AA consumers, yet resonated with the total market, and consequently
aired on NFL prime-time as well as college football in late 2015.

His professionalism, sense of humor, and willingness to work late hours, including extensive travel
(even to focus groups!), makes him a joy to work with.

I highly recommend Derrick." 

Djuana Stoakley
Director of Strategy, Insights & Research – Fluent360

"Derrick is an extremely talented creative. He's very easy to work with, and he has a way of bringing
out the best in you and your ideas. He's not only a good partner when you need him, but gives good
creative direction. Not to mention, he has impeccable taste, and a great eye for design. He's someone
I can truly count on for honest feedback no matter the assignment. Derrick Rivers would be an asset
to any creative team." 

Dominique Curtis
Copywriter – Publicis/Burrell

"I recently procured the services of Derrick River’s to develop a logo for my personal brand called
‘Jerome Case Ministries’ and I was thoroughly pleased with the quality of his work. Derrick was
very professional and attentive to addressing my needs, as well as helping to develop my vision for
the logo. Derrick’s creativity and timeliness was equally matched by his patience and supportive nature.
I have already recommended Derrick to a few of my colleagues and I highly recommend him to anyone
that needs a strong and lasting logo."

Jerome Case
Project Manager Supervisor, BlueStream Professional Services

"I've had the pleasure of working directly with Derrick on a plethora of digital-driven projects. He is
a big picture thinker with a beautiful eye for design and visual storytelling. He has worked on both
sides of the business (brand and agency) and brings a comprehensive, cradle-to-grave understanding
to every campaign he leads creatively. I have complete trust in his talent, his creative and strategic
perspective, and his concern for the client's business. He understands every nuance and navigates
the client relationship with enviable ease. You can always count on Derrick delivering in spades to
internal and client satisfaction."

Carlo Treviso
Lead Digital Producer – Digital Division, Publicis/Burrell

"I have worked closely with Derrick for four years at AT&T as part of the marketing communications
group. He is an excellent senior level creative manager who takes complete ownership of projects.
He has an in depth understanding of our evolving brand and is extremely adept at directing our external
agencies on creative development while staying on brand. Derrick is very detail oriented and will catch
design inconsistencies on various pieces within a project before we go to press. He is also great at
coming up with creative solutions for clients. Derrick is very personable, has a great attitude, and
working with him is a pleasure. I would definitely recommend him as he would be an asset to any team"

Jamila Menefee
Sr. Marketing Manager/ Producer, AT&T Mobility

"Derrick is a great client to have. He has the drive and energy to see projects through, provides
intelligent feedback in a timely manner and fights for creative he believes in. He is an excellent team
player and steward for the AT&T brand and has been a crucial player in the evolution of the brand."

Samer Salfiti
Account Director, The Integer Group

"Derrick is a smart, dedicated professional who is a pleasure to work with. He has a keen understanding
of our brand and is able to walk the fine line between the strategic needs of the client and what is best
for the brand. Ultimately, the final product is on strategy, on brand, creative and effective. He is definitely
an asset to our team."

Brian DeHass
Associate Director - Visual Merchandising & National Promotions, AT&T Mobility

"For years, I have worked directly with Derrick on many projects at AT&T Mobility. He is the kind of guy
you want with you in the trenches. His design work is solid and consistent. He fully understands
marketing strategy and how to leverage his design talents to communicate effectively to consumers.
Furthermore, he is a reliable team-player and he makes everyday tasks fun. He would be an asset to
any team."

Mindy Herndon
Lead Marketing Manager – Consumer Cloud Applications, AT&T Mobility

"Every Creative Manager has a short "go-to list" of outside resources. Derrick was high on my list of
art directors/designers for many years. He knows general market as well as multi-cultural, and can work
in a diverse array of media. With a decent brief in hand, Derrick can deliver."

Tony Tomassini
Marketing Director, Alpine Collective

"Derrick is one of the best qualified and well rounded Art Directors I've had the the distinct opportunity to
work with. He brings a cadre of knowledge of art, design and conceptual innovations. Also there is never
a dull moment when Derrick is on deck. The work will always be strategically sound, insightful and filled
with his own brand of hilarity."

Craig BrimmAssociate Creative Director, Sanders\Wingo


"Derrick is a bright, creative, talented designer. I hired Derrick soon after his graduation from college.
His energy and creativity impressed me most during the interview process. Derrick joined our team and
quickly established himself as a valuable team player and contributor to the regional marketing efforts of
Bank of America. He had a great team spirit and worked well under extremely demanding circumstances.
He was able to balance the requests of a team of marketing managers from all over the Mid-Atlantic region.
He adapted to the professional/business environment very quickly. His talent became evident to our
business partners throughout the franchise and he was recruited to a more challenging high profile
position in Atlanta."

Donna Swann Harris


Vice-President Client Fulfillment, Bank of America

"Derrick is a very smart, articulate and creative marketing professional. After being in school with him for
two years, it is clear that he is an inquisitive thinker with a solid grasp of business fundamentals. He is a
dedicated team player who appreciates the value of strong interpersonal networking. It has been a
pleasure working with and getting to know Derrick."

Gregory MishkinVice President Research & Consulting, Market Strategies International